By Peter Cook & William Lanouette
Uranium + Peaches 2004-2011 by Peter Cook & William Lanouette
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LEO, Einstein protege, Dr. Leo Szilard.  Leo's starched collar and tightly drawn necktie add roundness to his cherubic face.  His bright, clear eyes flash about as myriad thoughts register outwardly:  from pixyish grin to furrowed brow to sullen scowl.  As he speaks, he whirls, darts, and dances to the elegant rhythm and logic of his streaming ideas.  Leo is thought energy incarnate.

JIMMY, senatorial mentor to Harry Truman, James F. Byrnes. Jimmy conveys his equanimity slyly and ably with a silky Charleston drawl.  Wiry-framed, sharp-featured and nattily dressed in a white linen suit, Jimmy exudes confidence, purposefulness, and a sense of controlled detachment with both his lilting cadence and his spirited demeanor.

UREY, Nobel Laureate, Dr. Harold C. Urey.  Urey's quiet Mid-western dignity and earnestness precariously conceal his passions.
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Late morning, May 28, 1945 in Jimmy's living room in Spartanburg, South Carolina.