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Joe Estevez
Urey, March 2004 & January 2005 Hollywood Readings

Joe Estevez was born the last of twelve children in the industrial midwest to immigrant parents.  Joe, like the rest of his nine brothers, was raised to be a factory worker.  He did not see his first stage play until his senior year in high school and it was love at first sight.

After service in the Navy, with a wife and five year-old daughter, Joe headed for Hollywood.  He got numerous jobs, none of which had anything to do with acting. 

Joe finally landed a co-starring role in the television movie
Pretty Boy Floyd and has been a working actor ever since.  He has performed in over 50 stage plays, including the re-opening of the Pasadena Playhouse in the two character play Echoes and has starred in over 100 movies.

Some of his latest credits for television include a re-occurring role on the Warner Bros. series
Movie Stars, a guest-starring role on Black Scorpion, and the starring role in the pilot No Dogs Allowed -- in which Joe plays twin brothers!

His recent films include:
I Got the Hook-Up, starring with Master-P; No Code of Conduct, starring with Charlie Sheen and directed by Poison lead singer Brett Michaels; and Jumping for Joy in which Joe played real-life coach Frank Layden.
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