Staged Readings
February 23, 2010
Beverly Hills Theatre 40

Presented in association with
THE MET'S Doctor Atomic
November 10, 2008
City University of New York Elebash Hall
New York City
Break a Leg Productions
Funded in part by the
National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Sloan Foundation,
with support from the American Chemical Society and the American Physical Society.

January 2005
Starring Edward Asner, Joe Estevez and Scott Wilson
Directed by
Virginia Morris

March 2004
Starring Edward Asner, Joe Estevez and Arnold Weiss
Directed by
Ayana Cahrr

February, 2004
New York City

October, 2003
New York City

May, 2003
New York City

November, 2002
New York City
A Play By Peter Cook & William Lanouette
Uranium + Peaches 2004-2012 by Peter Cook & William Lanouette
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Above, Jason Szamreta as Jimmy Byrnes; R. David Robinson as Leo Szilard; and Mick Orfe as Harold Urey.  At right (from left) Dr. Frank von Hippel, Jason Szamreta, playwright William Lanouette, R. David Robinson, Mick Orfe, and director Todd Reichart.
March 10, 2012
Princeton University
Paul Robeson Center for the Arts
The Solley Theatre
Presented as part of Princeton's Pi Day Celebration
Starring Mick Orfe, Jason Szamreta and R. David Robinson
Directed by Todd Reichart
(actors appearing with permission of Actors' Equity Association)